The Best Instagrams from Allston Christmas 2014

Allston Christmas has come and gone, but our memories of this year’s Boston Moving Day will stay with us via the Instagrams Boston residents shared from the scene. From the piles of trash, to the weird finds, to the traffic, we compiled the best Instagram pictures from Allston Christmas 2014. If you’re currently suffering through unpacking, just take a moment to be thankful that this wasn’t your moving experience!

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We’re guessing these moves would have gone smoother if this was the picture in front of your house on moving day:

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The Best Tweets of Allston Christmas

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The Best Tweets from Allston Christmas 2014

The city of Boston has survived yet another Allston Christmas. This unofficial holiday is definitely best enjoyed at home, enjoying the tweets from the miserable folks on the scene.

Boston does what they do best and livetweeted the moveageddon. We rounded up the best tweets from Allston Christmas 2014. Thanks for making us laugh Boston! Until next year!

The Questionable Moving Practices

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Countdown to Allston Christmas 2014

via BikeyfaceOnly a few weeks until we hit the infamous moving day in Boston: September 1st.

This year’s September 1st weekend will be unique as it falls exactly on Labor Day. The Olympia Moving & Storage crew and staff is forgoing a day off filled with beach lounging and barbecues to help Boston move furniture to 4th floor walk-up apartments. Perhaps Moving Day falling on a holiday will help alleviate traffic on the streets clogged with UHauls, time will tell.

Also unique this year: September 1st will be the launch date of a webseries about the pains of moving on Allston Christmas. Check out the trailer of the webseries:  Allston Xmas.

Allston Xmas Trailer from Jared Vincenti on Vimeo.

The Labor Day moving weekend Boston moving schedule is almost full for Olympia, and we’ve added capacity to make this the biggest September 1st moving day yet. Bostonians are prepared as well, we’re seen more early bookings for Labor Day moving weekend than ever before. The first move on the September 1st schedule was booked on May 7th!

Are you moving on September 1st in Boston? Or first piece of advice is to avoid it at all costs. Moving on off-peak days will help reduce cost and stress. But if you absolutely must move on this day, reviewing our September 1st roundup may help your move day go smoother…at the very least help you laugh about it.

Listen for Olympia in the web-series Allston Xmas

Olympia knows all about the drama surrounding moving on September 1st in Boston, after all, we’ve been doing it for 20 years! When we heard that a web-series called Allston Xmas was being made about this infamous moving day in Boston, we had to check it out.

David from the Allston Xmas crew stopped by the Olympia warehouse for an unusual purpose: to record the sounds of our trucks to be used in the sound mixing for the series. Olympia mover Dan helped by operating a truck to produce the sounds that David needed. Not a usual day on the job for our movers!

The web-series is described on their Facebook page as “Anthology web-series that follows a few dozen young people as their friendships, relationships, and attachment to material things are put to the test on moving day in Boston.” Appropriately enough, the series will be released online starting September 1st! Be sure to check it out, and keep an ear out for the sounds of the Olympia trucks!

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19 Lessons from Allston Christmas 2013

Another Allston Christmas has come come and gone. The year, the infamous Boston moving weekend was even tougher due to high temperatures, rain, and humidity, but our Olympia crew managed to pull off successful moves for our clients!

Some other relocating Boston residents did not have such an easy time. If you’re moving next September 1st, they say the best way to learn is from others’ mistakes & experiences. Here’s 19 things we learned from Allston Christmas 2013.

1. Double or triple parking will not help anyone.

Via @hilhey

2. There’s some very unique treasures among the junk…

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Get Ready For Allston Christmas

At Olympia Moving & Storage, we’re thinking about moving every day, but there’s one time of year when moving is on every Bostonian’s mind.

The universities are prepping for back to school, the roads are clogged with Uhauls, and abandoned mattresses are populating the sidewalk. It can only mean one thing: September 1st, also known as Boston Move-In Day or Allston Christmas, is coming.

Even if you don’t have to move, there’s a lot to dread around September 1st in Boston. 79% of leases have availability dates at the beginning of September, so thousands of Boston residents are moving on the same day. Moving is hard enough, but when you add bumper to bumper traffic, fighting for elevator use, double-parked moving trucks, and abandoned belongings littering the sidewalk into the mix, it’s a whole new level of challenging.

Despite the difficulties, Boston Moving Day has become a bit of a city-wide tradition. The day is affectionately nicknamed “Allston Christmas” due to the copious number of free household items left on the sidewalk.

This short video by The Boston Globe gives you a good idea of the chaos to expect:

This funny video by a Bostonian demonstrates just how many moving trucks you’ll find on the road:

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