Essential Moving Tips: What About Your Car?

If your car represents just one portion of the total move, then your moving company should be able to assist you with transporting your car. If you are only moving a car; then it is usually more economical to work directly through an auto transport service.

Four Methods for Transporting a Car

There are four different methods for transporting a car as outlined below. What option is best for you depends entirely upon your specific needs, the condition of your vehicle, and how much you are willing to pay. Olympia Moving Partners with Wheaton Moving to Transport Cars Interstate

Transporting Your Car: Moving Truck

A moving trailer is equipped to be able to transport up to two cars (plus household goods). The benefits of this approach are that your car arrives at the same time as the rest of your property. The drawback is that you are paying for the weight of the car and that sometimes this approach can be the most expensive option.

Transporting Your Car: Enclosed Care Carrier

This is a specialized car carrier service provided by companies such as Horseless Carriage or Plycar. Cars are covered for the duration of the trip and are never exposed to the elements. This option is typically used for higher-end or antique vehicles, and is more expensive than a traditional car carrier.

Transporting Your Car: Open Carrier Transport

This is how most new and used cars are shipped in the US and entails an exposed trailer that holds anywhere from 1 to 10 vehicles. Out of the three options listed above, this is the most economical approach; however the drawbacks are that the vehicle is exposed to the elements. Furthermore, it is imperative that you clarify exactly what is and what is not covered from an insurance standpoint; as sometimes non-factory components are not covered. If you are interested in getting a quote for this service, we suggest American Auto Transport.

Transporting Your Car: Driveaway

This is the least expensive option and entails paying someone to drive your car to the new destination. From an insurance perspective, you are better served to set this up through an agency than to post an ad on Craig’s List. One such agency that offers these services is Auto Driveaway. The drawbacks are that you are adding miles to the car, and that you have no control over how the car is handled during the journey.

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