Best Time of Year to Move

Although most people do not have the luxury of being able to determine when they are moving, there are, in fact, worst and best times to move.

Northeast Best Times to Move

If you live in the Northeast, or anywhere where inclement weather is potentially an issue, it is preferable to avoid the middle of the winter. Moving companies operate regardless of weather conditions (unless there are safety concerns); however moving in the middle of a snow storm invariably creates additional stress and may add extra timeBest Time of Year to Move Moving Calendar Olympia Moving Boston MA to the move. The one positive aspect of moving during the winter is that you are likely to get the best quality movers. This is because moving companies expand their labor force during the summer months to account for demand. Therefore during the winter months you are usually working exclusively with the most experienced full-time movers.

Avoid Peak Moving Times

If possible, avoid the end of the month. Moving coincides with lease dates, and therefore the end of the month is always the busiest time (especially in the summer season). Movers with a positive reputation are usually at or near capacity during this time and often they charge a small premium during the end of the month.

Best Times to Move Interstate

If you are moving interstate, June through August represents the single busiest time where capacity issues become a factor. If it is possible to move outside of these months it is preferable and, if not, we suggest scheduling your move as far in advance as possible.


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