Home Staging and De-Cluttering Your Home

If you are in the process of selling your home, your realtor has likely discussed the possibility of “staging” with you.  For the uninitiated, staging is the process of configuring your residence in order to maximize your sales opportunities.  Typically this process involves removing furniture that buyers may not find attractive, de-cluttering (PDF download) the space, re-arranging the furnishings, and potentially adding in some small finishing touches.  Essentially, you are trying to help your prospective buyer to envision themselves living in the space.

Checklist Clipboard for Ways to De-Clutter Your Home

From an economic standpoint, the basic premise is that you sell your home in less time and closer to the asking price.  According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, homes that are staged spend 83% less time on the market than those that are not staged.  Any realtor worth their salt will tell you that staging represents a critical tool in their sales arsenal.

In light of this growing trend in real estate, Olympia Moving has put together a special “De-Clutter” program (PDF download) designed to work with home sellers interested in staging their properties.  The gist of the program is that Olympia will offer up to 2 free storage units for a maximum of 3 months.  While you are required to pay for the moving services, this represents a savings of up to $330.  We have had great success in working with several real estate and staging professionals on this program.

We view this program as a win-win – your home will sell faster and, once you have a chance to see our moving crews in action, we are confident that you will use our services to relocate to your new home.  For more information on Olympia Moving’s “De-Clutter” program, click HERE