Resources for Moving Senior Citizens

Resources for Seniors Moving

Olympia Moving relocates hundreds of senior citizens every year.  Whether our clients are moving interstate to their retirement destination or downsizing locally, arranging a seamless move for seniors has its own unique challenges.  Our move consultant Ben Knowlton discusses some of these challenges in this video.  When Olympia Moving works with senior citizens moving we adjust our process to work patiently with the client and stay in constant contact to reduce worry and stress.

We’re always exchanging ideas with other thought leaders in the relocation industry.  Bill Mulholland is the Founder and CEO of one of Olympia Moving’s partners, American Relocation Connections.  ARC works with top service providers like Olympia Moving to deliver corporate and individual relocation from top to bottom.  As an expert in relationship-based relocation,  Bill shares his tips for relocating seniors:

By Bill Mulholland, Founder and CEO of American Relocation Connections

Are you or a loved one moving homes as a senior citizen? The moving process can feel overwhelming and exciting, and there’s a lot of work to be done. All moves take careful planning and execution, but luckily, with the proper foresight and resources, you can make your relocation smooth and painless.

Use this five-step resources guide to help you tackle that big To-Do list.

1. Arrange for support throughout the move

Do you have an adult child who will help you with the moving process from beginning to end? Moving as a senior citizen can be complex because adult children may be too tied up with jobs or obligations from thousands of miles away.

If this is the case, never fear – you can always hire a “senior move manager”, or a professional who will take you through the steps of moving from packing the first box, up until making sure the phone lines at your new home are connected!

To find a senior move manager in your area, check with the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

2. Economically dispose of your unwanted items

Chances are, if you have been living in the same home for many years, you have accumulated treasure and junk alike. When you relocate, make this an opportunity to clean away the stuff you don’t really need. Be selective when choosing what to take with you to your new home – the more you decide to bring, the more it will cost you in time, money and valuable space. Rather than throw everything out, you can sell goods to antique vendors, tag sales or auctions, or even recycle some items for cash back!

To find an estate sale near you, look on, where you can find a company to sell your items for you, or you can hold your own yard sale and advertise on the site. If you’re not sure how to price your goods, check out this infographic for some basic tips to holding a successful yard sale.

3. Pre-arrange your new floorplans

Now that you have thrown away your unwanted items, you can start to plan how you want everything to look in your new home. If you have hired a senior move manager, they will happily sit down with you to discuss how furniture will be arranged in your new home. The benefit of pre-arranging your floorplan is that you can arrive at your home and happily find everything already where you expect it to be.

For free online software to help you plan your new arrangements, consult these recommendations by Apartment Therapy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the detailed aspects of the software, you can always draw a floorplan out by hand and show this to your moving team.

4. Organize travel plans and travel partners

If you are relocating across town, getting to your new home could be as short as a 20-minute drive on the freeway. However, if you are moving across the country, you might be flying out to your home – or even taking a train all that way. It may be helpful to consider if you would like someone to travel with you.

When you are planning your move, be sure to ask your travel partner far in advance so they can block out their schedule. You might choose your child or a close friend to accompany you to your new home. Senior moving managers can also travel with their clients from the old house to the new to make sure the trip goes smoothly.

If you would rather hoof it yourself, be sure to check a few travel tips so you can be as prepared as possible for your trip.

5. Unpacking and settling down

Don’t forget to plan for what comes after the unpacking! Do a bit of research about your new home. What are some nearby community events? If you are moving to be closer to your family, arrange a pre-set schedule to spend time together, whether that is every Tuesday or every other weekend – whatever you need to feel at ease in your new home.

If you will not have a car, look for travel arrangements. Most public transportation systems have senior discounts, and if you prefer to use a taxi system, research which cab companies are the cheapest and most reliable. There are also specific transportation services for senior citizens available. Find a transportation program in your new city with Eldercare’s service locator.

Moving as a senior citizen can sound like a tiring process, but it doesn’t have to be. Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help; that’s what they are there for!

Use the resources in this guide and look for services that you can utilize to make the moving process easier on yourself. Oftentimes, if you simply ask your moving company for their tips and insight, they will have some great advice for you. Before you know it, you’ll have moved into your new home and all settled in!

Bill Mulholland has been in the relocation industry for 15 years and is the founder and owner of American Relocations Connections (ARC), an innovative third-party relocation company operating both domestically and globally.

If you need a relocation partner in everything from real estate to moving to mortgage contact American Relocation Connections to get started.  Are you a senior citizen moving soon, or are you ready to assist a loved one with their relocation?  Call 800.222.4744 for a free moving estimate from Olympia Moving & Storage, or request an estimate online.

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Olympia Moving Launches Updater Address Change Dashboard!

Olympia Moving & Storage excited to announce our partnership with Updater to bring our clients an easy address change dashboard full of time-saving tools and discounts. The Updater address change dashboard will allow our clients to accomplish the following in just a few clicks:

Updater Dashboard
Visit to access your easy change address dashboard!
  • Change your address online with the post office, subscriptions, and organizations
  • Set up utilities and home services
  • Get exclusive discounts on home services and moving materials
  • Ecards to notify friends & family of your move

This service is designed to save customers hours on moving-related tasks in a way that is easy and secure.

This new benefit, which is FREE for all Olympia clients, is just another example of how Olympia utilizes technology to provide extensive resources for our clients’ moves. Olympia clients also get access to The Olympia Move Portal to manage their move, an online moving resource center, and a dedicated relocation coordinator.

Updater also recently featured Olympia Moving & Storage marketing manager, Rachael Fischer, in their blog post: How to Market Your Moving Company: Tips from Olympia Moving and Storage

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Request an estimate from the company that provides the most moving resources: Olympia Moving & Storage

Olympia Driver Roberto Belony is Wheaton’s Driver of the Month!

Driver of the Month_BelonyA big congrats to Olympia Moving & Storage driver Roberto Belony! He has been selected among hundreds of drivers as Wheaton World Wide’s April 2015 driver of the month! Roberto is being recognized as the best among Wheaton’s intermittent fleet.

Roberto has been working with Olympia for 7 years and has been driving with Wheaton since 2009. He is a top-rated driver and this is his first driver of the month award. In his years working with Olympia, Roberto has become known for his dedication and high spirits and happy nature, no matter how tough or long the move. Roberto’s extensive experience shows in the way he handles every move.

These qualities are exemplified in a comment we received from a client Roberto moved interstate from Chelmsford, MA to Hubbard Lake, MI earlier this year:

“Roberto and his crew at our house in Chelmsford worked very hard and diligently packing and loading the truck and deserve to be recognized for a hard job done very well. They were very professional and courteous under a difficult situation….Just a few days after the 30 inch blizzard.

At the Michigan end of things …again Roberto and his Michigan crew did a marvelous job unloading the truck and relocating our furniture into our new home. I cannot say enough about the wonderful job Roberto did at both ends of the move. All of our “”Stuff”” arrived intact and we have found nothing broken or missing. At the Michigan end we are in a fairly remote location and it would be difficult for anyone unfamiliar with this area to find our house but Roberto did it contending with weather and unpaved roads.
He should be recognized for a job well done…..!!!”

Thank you, Roberto, for all you do to give Olympia Moving & Storage’s clients an exceptional relocation experience!

Roberto will receive a cash award, plaque, Driver of the Month uniform patches and equipment decals. Roberto is also now a nominee for 2015 Driver of the Year.

Roberto is one of Olympia Moving & Storage’s trained moving professionals. Olympia’s team has won several awards with Wheaton World Wide. Olympia driver Lucian Tistu also won the driver of the month recognition in 2014, and Olympia Moving won their highest honor in 2013, Agent of the Year.

Click here to read the official press release.

Guide To Moving Wine

moving wineAre you a wine enthusiast preparing for a relocation? Have you considered how to move a wine collection you have been amassing over the years?

Wine bottles are unique items to relocate because they are fragile, often extremely valuable, and the contents are very volatile.

Methods of Moving Wine

Move it Yourself: This is a good option if you have a small, valuable collection. We often tell families to move the items that are most valuable to them in their own cars if possible. This allows you to have complete control and peace of mind. Just be sure to follow our wine packing and moving tips below. You can also opt to have the moving company pack the wine, but move it yourself.

Trust to a Moving Company: This option is better for local moves than for interstate moves. You can include wine in your move along with your other household goods. This probably the best option if your wine collection is not valuable, or if it is the spring or fall seasons, when the temperatures are not extreme. If the moving company is relocating your wine, ask your consultant or coordinator if the company has wine moving experience and their method for packing and moving the wine. Some moving companies may even be able to refrigerate your wine throughout the relocation. If your wine is valuable and you select to have the moving company relocate your collection, be absolutely sure that you fill our a High Value Inventory for your collection.

Hire a Wine Relocation Professional: There are some companies that specialize in only moving wine. This option can be pricey, but it is the best choice if you have a valuable collection and you are moving over a long distance. Your moving company will have a recommendation or can coordinate the service for you. Some wine relocation companies include:

Considerations For Your Transport Decision

When you are trying to choose the best method for your wine relocation, consider the following:

Am I moving local or interstate? For local moves, a better option is moving the wine yourself or with the moving company. For interstate moves, the better option is hiring a specialized company.

How long will your items be on the truck? If your wine is valuable and the move takes multiple days, the more your wine will be exposed to temperature fluctuations. There longer the transport time, the more you should consider moving the wine on your own or with a specialist.

How extensive is your wine collection? A larger collection should be moved with a moving company or wine specialist.

How valuable is your wine collection? If your collection is valuable, you should definitely choose a refrigerated, specialized option.

What is the weather like around you move date? When the temperatures are extreme in the summer and winter, it’s more important to ensure that your collection is in controlled refrigeration during the relocation.

How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Appraise your wine before you move: This is important because if there is any damage to your collection during the relocation, you will have the documentation to obtain the full value in your claim. You can often ask your local wine vendor for a recommendation for an appraiser.

Fill out a high value inventory: If a company is relocating your wine, be sure it is listed on a high value inventory. This will ensure the company keeps a special eye on it, and it will help ensure that you receive the full value in the case of a claim.

Pack wine with care: Purchase specialized wine boxes like this one. Be sure to pack wine on its side to keep the corks wet. Never pack and move an open bottle of wine.

Keep the temperature stable: To maintain the best taste and prevent the bottle from corking, keep the wine around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Allow the wine to rest: Due to the movement, do not open your wine for 7 days after the relocation.

Check customs laws: Some states or countries do not allow you to relocate wine across their borders.


Are you ready to move your wine the rest of your belongings?  Call 800.222.4744 for a free moving estimate from Olympia Moving & Storage, or request an estimate online.

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Non-Binding Moving Estimates vs. Binding Moving Estimates

EstimatesSo you’re almost ready to hire a moving company! You’ve done your research, 2-3 companies have met with you to perform a pre-move survey, and now these reputable movers have sent you itemized moving estimates. As you compare these companies’ move plans, proposed services, and the bottom lines, be sure you’re clear on which of the three kinds of moving estimates you are reviewing: a non-binding moving estimate, a binding moving estimate, or a not-to-exceed moving estimate.

So what are the differences between these three types of interstate moving estimates?

Non-Binding Moving Estimate

The non-binding moving estimate is the most common kind of interstate estimate. It means that the price that is presented to you is a projected cost for your move, provided to help you anticipate the cost, select a company, and plan a budget. It is not a contracted or guaranteed price, it is simply what the company thinks the final price of your move will be based on the inventory and services you discussed. If the actual services end up totaling less than your estimate, then you will pay less than the estimated price. If the actual services end up totaling a little more than your estimate, then you will pay a little more.

If you’re looking to pay the lowest price for your move, a non-binding estimate is your best choice, as your final bill can potentially be lower than estimated.

Most interstate move estimates are non-binding. The main components of the interstate estimate are the weight of your move and number of packing materials. The company will estimate what your total weight will be based on the inventory they created with you. After everything is loaded, the truck will be weighed to determine the actual weight. If the actual weight and materials used are less than estimated, then you will pay less. If the actual weight and materials used are more than estimated, then you will pay a little more.

A common question about non-binding estimates is whether the client can expect their moving estimate to be accurate. The answer is, absolutely! As long as what you end up moving and packing is what was agreed on the estimated inventory, the estimate should be very accurate. Estimate accuracy plays a large role in a client’s satisfaction, so every reputable moving company strives to provide the most accurate estimate possible, otherwise they risk losing their good reputation and future business!

Also keep in mind that an interstate moving company cannot require you to pay more than 110% more than a non-binding estimate prior to interstate delivery, and the client is not obligated to pay any charges exceeding 110% until 30 days after delivery. So it is certainly in the company’s interest to be accurate.

Binding Moving Estimate

A binding moving estimate may sometimes be quoted for an interstate move. A binding estimate means that you must pay the transportation price listed in the estimate, even if the final weight of your move is more or less than estimated.

The benefit of the binding moving estimate is that the transportation price is guaranteed, so you know exactly what your bill will be after the move. However, binding estimates may result in the client paying a little more for that guarantee. You may notice that the majority of binding estimates have a higher bottom line than non-binding estimates.

Keep in mind that for most binding estimates only the transportation part of the estimate is binding (the bulk of the estimate, which is based on the shipment’s weight). For example, if your binding estimate was based on self pack, the client packing everything, but then on move day you choose to have the moving company pack everything, then the packing was an additional service you requested and will be added on top of the binding transportation cost on the final bill.

Local Moving Estimate

Almost every local move estimate is a non-binding estimate, it is very rare for a local move estimate to be binding or not-to-exceed. The main components of local estimates are an hourly rate for the labor and truck plus the packing materials used. Therefore, for a non-binding estimate, you will pay less if the actual move requires less time and materials than estimated, and conversely, you will pay a little more if the actual move requires more time and materials than estimated.

Are you ready to get your interstate moving estimate? Call Olympia Moving & Storage at 800.222.4744 or fill out the estimate request form. Olympia moved families to every state in the USA last year!

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Olympia Moving & Storage and Bekins Northwest Super Bowl Bet for Keaton’s Korral

Super BowlEvery day Olympia Moving & Storage works with agents in the Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines interstate moving network. Though Olympia Moving agrees with their partner agents on how to provide great service to the families we relocate, we don’t agree when it comes to the Super Bowl.

As a Boston based company, Olympia’s employees are fervent New England Patriots fans and eagerly anticipate Super Bowl XLIX. Bekins Northwest on the other hand, is the official moving company of the Seattle Seahawks. After the NFC championship win, Bekins Northwest immediately got to work moving the Seahawk’s equipment to Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.

Olympia has now challenged Bekins Northwest with a friendly bet for a great cause.

If the New England Patriots lose Super Bowl XLIX, Olympia Moving & Storage will donate $500 to Keaton’s Korral at Give Kids the World Village – a Florida vacation resort for children with life-threatening illnesses. If the Seattle Seahawks lose the game, Bekins Northwest agrees to make the same $500 donation to Keaton’s Korral.

Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines have been strong supporters of Keaton’s Korral at Give Kids the World village since 2000. The result of this Super Bowl bet will go towards Wheaton | Bekin’s $22,000 fundraising goal and will help provide children with life-threatening illnesses and their families with cost-free vacations. Visit this link to make your own donation to Keaton’s Korral.

Olympia Moving & Storage is looking forward to the New England Patriots’ victory on Sunday!

Olympia Moving and Storage Reviews: Client Satisfaction 2014

Olympia Moving Client Satisfaction_resizedThe 2014 Olympia Moving and Storage reviews are in! Our clients’ feedback is the key to our constant improvement. Every day we receive comments and praise from the families we move. However, we needed a tool to consistently track our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why every client receives a client satisfaction survey. We have been carefully tracking these reviews since 2012.

Results of Olympia Moving and Storage Reviews: The 2014 Client Satisfaction Report

The Olympia Moving and Storage 2014 Client Satisfaction Report is now complete. Click here to view the summary of Olympia Moving and Storage’s 2014 Reviews.

Highlights from the 2014 report:

  • 97% of clients were satisfied with their sales representative
  • 94% of clients were satisfied with the Olympia office coordination staff
  • 97% of clients were satisfied with the local moving crew
  • 93% of clients would recommend Olympia or use us for their next move

Our client satisfaction scores eclipse the moving and storage industry standard because of the high level of training and experience of our crews and our staff’s commitment to communication and accountability. Every employee at Olympia Moving & Storage takes pride in our clients’ moving experiences and are constantly referencing these scores and striving to improve them.

About the Olympia Moving and Storage Client Satisfaction Survey

The survey is sent automatically through our move tracking system after the move, so there is no chance for our staff to dictate who receives the survey or skew the results. We also believe in transparency. That why we make our complete client satisfaction scores publicly available.

The survey questions are based on the factors that are the strongest influencers of a family’s satisfaction with their move. They are also the factors that help us evaluate our staff and determine if process changes are necessary.

Using Client Feedback to Improve Olympia Moving & Storage

We are committed to using our clients’ feedback to improve our business. Every month we distribute the summary of the survey results company-wide as well as the results for each individual. The leadership reviews the results with their team members. We also use the scores to spot potential problem areas. For example, in 2014, trends in our satisfaction survey results influenced additional hires in the customer service department and changes in our interstate communication process.

However, our clients are more than just a number. They are also given the opportunity to leave their comments on the survey. We received hundreds of Olympia Moving and Storage reviews, which we add to this page monthly to help future clients make their decision. When our clients submit their comments, they are in their coordinator’s inbox within seconds. This allows the coordinator to immediately follow up with their client to resolve loose ends or customer service issues. The comments are also shared with the team and guide the leadership in pinpointing the areas where we excel, and the areas that need improvement.

The team at Olympia Moving and Storage is looking forward to earning even better Olympia Moving and Storage reviews in 2015. You can view our client satisfaction report as it is updated throughout the year to see how we’re doing. Or click here to request a free estimate and join our thousands of happy Olympia Moving and Storage customers.

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What is a Cube Sheet?

InventoryWhen you call a reputable moving company, they’ll work with you to create a cube sheet (also known as an estimated inventory) for your move. A cube sheet is a list of all the furniture and boxes that you plan on including in your move.

In this article, we’ll explain what a cube sheet is, what it’s used for, and how to read one.

Creating the Cube Sheet

For most Olympia clients, the cube sheet will be created when the the sales consultant meets you at your home for the survey. He’ll do a walk through of your home, consulting you throughout on what you plan on moving. Meanwhile, the consultant will enter all your furniture and estimated number of boxes into his or her tablet. Our sales consultants can enter the information into their tablets extremely quickly using specialized moving software.

For smaller moves, such as one bedroom apartments, the sales consultant can complete the estimated inventory by going room by room with you over the phone and discussing what needs to be moved. Our sales consultants are all trained to ask the right questions to guide you through the process and ensure that we have the level of detail needed to provide you with an accurate quote.

Depending on the size of your home and complexity of your move, it can take 10 to 45 minutes for the consultant to put together the cube sheet live on site.

Our moving software contains hundreds of types, sizes, and variations of furniture pieces and boxes. So when the sales consultant adds a furniture piece to your inventory, the software knows what the average cubic feet is for that furniture piece. The software then produces a document with the subtotals and totals of cubic feet for your move. The total cubic footage is the main piece of information the sales consultant will use to plan and estimate the cost for your move.

When the walk through is finished, the sales consultant will produce the estimated inventory. This is called a cube sheet within the moving inventory because essentially what needs to be determined is the volume, or cubic feet, of all the items that need to be moved. This information is used to determine how many trucks and crew members are required for the job, and if it’s an interstate move, what is the estimated weight of the move.

Reading a Cube Sheet

Click here to see what a sample cube sheet looks like. To make it clear for the consultant and client to read, the inventory is divided by room. There are three columns. The first column is the quantity of the item, or how many of each item is in that room. The second column is the description of the item. The third column is the estimated volume, or cubic feet, of that furniture item.

The cube sheet also contains information on packing. Some boxes will say “PBO” in the description, which means “packed by owner.” That means that we are entering the box so that it’s included in the total cubic footage, but the client plans on packing the box themselves. Others will say “CP” in the carrier description, which means “carrier pack.” That means that Olympia will be providing and packing that box. A container summary at the bottom of the inventory will list all the boxes Olympia will be packing and providing for your reference.

The estimated inventory is provided to you along with the quote for your reference. Olympia recommends that all our clients check over the inventory to ensure that it’s fairly accurate. Remember, this is what your sales consultant is basing their estimate on, so if the inventory is inaccurate, that means the sales consultant didn’t have the correct information for your quote. Being on the same page as our clients for what’s being moved is important to Olympia, that’s why we take the time to create the estimated inventory with you, and give it to you for your reference. If anything changes between the time of survey and your move, be sure to let the sales consultant know so he can adjust your estimate accordingly. Major changes such as adding or removing large furniture pieces or many boxes can make a difference in our planning for your smooth move.

Do I Need a Cube Sheet?

If a moving company refuses to put together a cube sheet or estimated inventory to plan your move, that is a red flag that you are not working with a reputable company. A good moving company will take the time to understand and plan your move before providing you with a moving quote.

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Tools to Create a Floor Plan For Your New Home

Not every part of moving is fun. One of the most enjoyable things about relocation is planning your new house and how you’re going to make it feel like home.

One useful exercise for your planning is creating a floor plan for your new home. Floor plans can help you:

  • Decide the right spot for each of your furniture pieces in the new space
  • Determine whether to sell some of your furniture because it will not work or fit at the new house
  • Figure out whether any furniture you’re considering purchasing will work in your new home

Ultimately, figuring these things out in advance can help you save money on your move!  The crew rearranging furniture until it’s in the place you want can add time and money to your bill. Spending the cash to move furniture that you end up deciding to sell is also a waste of your hard-earned money.

It can even be fun if you use one of these easy and free tools to create a floor plan:


This free website makes creating a floor plan fool proof, and is probably the most robust free floor planner online. Their drag and drop tools make it easy to add rooms, doors, windows, all types of furniture and more. It’s also easy to customize the size of all the items to fit your needs. You also have the ability to add your own photos and videos to the floor plan so it feels like your real home. lets you save multiple options and designs in your account.






Magic Plan mobile app

This mobile app actually works in conjunction with Magic Plan makes getting started with a floor plan even easier. All you have to do is take pictures with the app and it will draw your floor plan with measurements for you! Then, import what you started with Magic Plan into your account to customize and play with it.




Room Scan mobile app

Room Scan is another popular and highly rated mobile app for floor planning that will automatically draw a floor plan for you. The main difference is this app automates the plan and measurements by holding your phone against each segment of wall, which reviews say create very accurate results. This app is a little more popular than the Magic Plan app, which is the similar app above that automates the plan through pictures. The drawback is that this app does not integrate with other tools like Magic Plan does.





Like, Homestyler has a website tool and mobile component. HomeStyler has a heavy emphasis on home design. One neat feature of this tool is that in addition to the ability to drag and drop furniture, you can insert real furniture from dozens of real home design brands such as Ethan Allen and Jonathan Adler. The mobile app specializes in placing real furniture products in photographed layouts of your actual room. This tool is much sleeker than, but is a little more practical and easier to use.



The Right Olympia Moving Truck For Your Relocation

We’ve become known in the Boston and Washington, DC areas for our shiny black moving trucks.  Many of our employees are self-admitted truck nerds, and there’s always a buzz of excitement when we add new trucks to the fleet.  As the company continues to grow, we’ve been able to purchase many different trucks to better meet the needs of our clients.

Sometimes, to get the job done right, you need more than just any moving truck.  Below are some of the trucks available in our fleet.  Which truck is right for your move?

Straight Truck

Olympia Moving Straight Truck
This is the “classic” Olympia Moving truck. We use these trucks for most of our local moving clients. These trucks are 30 feet in length and about 14 feet high. The straight truck can fit about 8,000 lbs of household goods, which is average in terms of what most families have in a single family home.

Crew Cab Straight Truck

Olympia Crew Cab Truck
This truck is one of the newest additions to our fleet. The crew cab has all the same features as the straight truck, except the cab has a back seat, allowing more crew members to ride in the truck. This is especially handy for moves that require more than 3 crew members, but only one truck. The crew cab truck is 38 feet long and can hold about 10,000 lbs of household goods.

CDL Truck

Olympia CDL Truck
This truck is similar to a straight truck, but is slightly larger at 34 feet long and holds more, about 10,000-12,000 lbs of household goods. We use these trucks on shorter distance interstate moves, relocations that are 600 miles in distance or less. Another difference is that this truck requires the driver to have a commercial driver license to operate.

Cube Truck

Olympia uses the cube truck for local moves when a big truck is not needed, such as apartment moves. The cube truck is especially handy for tricky moves in urban cities. For a small loading dock in Washington, DC or a narrow street in Boston, this is the best moving truck to get the job done. The cube truck is 16 feet in length and holds about 2,000-4,000 lbs of household goods, which is average in terms of what most families have in an apartment.

Tractor Trailer

The 18-wheeler tractor trailers are mainly used for long-distance interstate moves. These are big trucks, 88-90 feet in length and can hold 22,000 to 30,000 lbs in household goods. These trucks are meant for the driver to have multiple families’ shipments in the trailer in order to make long distance moving more cost-efficient for our clients. If a client is moving long distance and a tractor trailer is too large to park at their residence, we’ll assign a shuttle truck to the move, which is usually the straight truck above. Click here to learn more about shuttles.

Olympia has a few different kinds of trailers in their fleet. Most of our clients moving long distance will see a Wheaton tractor trailer at their home, the brand of our interstate partner. We also have Clark & Reid tractor trailers in our fleet, our executive moving brand. Click here to learn more about our interstate moving brands.

Pack Van & Pickup Truck

Olympia Pack Van  Pick Up Truck
Also new to our fleet are our Olympia pack van and pick-up truck. These vehicles are mainly used for packing services or to deliver materials to our clients. We also use the van to transport crew members to large commercial moves.

Besides our growing fleet, we also rent Ryder trucks to help us cover our busiest days, or other vehicles for specialty moves, such as refrigerated trucks.

No matter what kind of truck you need for your move, Olympia has you covered!

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