Olympia Moving and Storage Reviews: Client Satisfaction 2015

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Olympia Moving & Storage moved almost 5,000 families in 2015, and our clients continually review Olympia Moving via client satisfaction surveys they receive after their move. These reviews help our leadership and staff carefully track our quality quickly respond to outstanding issues. Here’s how Olympia Moving & Storage performed in 2015 as reviewed by our clients.

Olympia Moving and Storage Reviews 2015 Results

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Highlights from the 2015 report

  • 94% of our clients were satisfied with their sales representative
  • 94% of our clients were satisfied with their move coordinator
  • 95% of our clients were satisfied with their crew
  • 97% of our clients said our staff and crew was professional and courteous
  • 94% of our clients would hire us again for their next relocation

The Olympia Moving team is proud of the consistently high scores we receive from our clients. It’s no secret that the moving industry has a reputation for inconsistent or sub-par customer service, but our clients’ satisfaction with Olympia Moving far exceeds not only the moving industry’s standards for customer service, but most service industries’ standards. Moving is a challenging service to provide. Olympia Moving goes into clients’ homes and handles their precious possessions under sometimes emotional, stressful, and overwhelming circumstances where a lot can go wrong. Despite these obstacles, our clients’ satisfaction with their moving services with Olympia Moving is exceptional.

How Olympia Moving Uses the Client Satisfaction Survey

Our clients’ satisfaction is the result of the Olympia Moving team’s hard work and dedication and our leadership’s commitment to constantly challenge mediocrity. The client satisfaction survey is just one part part of Olympia’s Total Quality Management program. Olympia’s managers meet to review the results of the client satisfaction survey and implement action steps to improve our weaknesses. The client satisfaction scores are also analyzed by employee to inform training and personnel decisions. The moment new Olympia Moving and Storage reviews are received from a client, they are immediately disseminated among all staff and crew members involved in the move and their managers, either to boost morale or resolve outstanding issues.

In addition to our clients feedback in these reports, you can also read out recent clients’ comments about their experience on our testimonials page, or view our ratings on review websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Google+, Angie’s List, and Yelp.

If you’re ready to move with a well-reviewed Boston or Washington, DC moving company, click here to request an estimate, or give us a call at 800.222.4744.

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Olympia Moving and Storage Reviews: Client Satisfaction 2014

Olympia Moving Client Satisfaction_resizedThe 2014 Olympia Moving and Storage reviews are in! Our clients’ feedback is the key to our constant improvement. Every day we receive comments and praise from the families we move. However, we needed a tool to consistently track our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why every client receives a client satisfaction survey. We have been carefully tracking these reviews since 2012.

Results of Olympia Moving and Storage Reviews: The 2014 Client Satisfaction Report

The Olympia Moving and Storage 2014 Client Satisfaction Report is now complete. Click here to view the summary of Olympia Moving and Storage’s 2014 Reviews.

Highlights from the 2014 report:

  • 97% of clients were satisfied with their sales representative
  • 94% of clients were satisfied with the Olympia office coordination staff
  • 97% of clients were satisfied with the local moving crew
  • 93% of clients would recommend Olympia or use us for their next move

Our client satisfaction scores eclipse the moving and storage industry standard because of the high level of training and experience of our crews and our staff’s commitment to communication and accountability. Every employee at Olympia Moving & Storage takes pride in our clients’ moving experiences and are constantly referencing these scores and striving to improve them.

About the Olympia Moving and Storage Client Satisfaction Survey

The survey is sent automatically through our move tracking system after the move, so there is no chance for our staff to dictate who receives the survey or skew the results. We also believe in transparency. That why we make our complete client satisfaction scores publicly available.

The survey questions are based on the factors that are the strongest influencers of a family’s satisfaction with their move. They are also the factors that help us evaluate our staff and determine if process changes are necessary.

Using Client Feedback to Improve Olympia Moving & Storage

We are committed to using our clients’ feedback to improve our business. Every month we distribute the summary of the survey results company-wide as well as the results for each individual. The leadership reviews the results with their team members. We also use the scores to spot potential problem areas. For example, in 2014, trends in our satisfaction survey results influenced additional hires in the customer service department and changes in our interstate communication process.

However, our clients are more than just a number. They are also given the opportunity to leave their comments on the survey. We received hundreds of Olympia Moving and Storage reviews, which we add to this page monthly to help future clients make their decision. When our clients submit their comments, they are in their coordinator’s inbox within seconds. This allows the coordinator to immediately follow up with their client to resolve loose ends or customer service issues. The comments are also shared with the team and guide the leadership in pinpointing the areas where we excel, and the areas that need improvement.

The team at Olympia Moving and Storage is looking forward to earning even better Olympia Moving and Storage reviews in 2015. You can view our client satisfaction report as it is updated throughout the year to see how we’re doing. Or click here to request a free estimate and join our thousands of happy Olympia Moving and Storage customers.

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Choosing a Better Business Bureau Moving Company

Olympia Moving Better Business BureauToday there are dozens of websites that allow consumers to rate their moving company. However, decades before Angie’s List or MovingCompanyReviews.com existed, consumers turned to the Better Business Bureau to learn more about the companies they were working with.

Olympia Moving & Storage has been accredited as a Better Business Bureau moving company since the inception of our business, and we are proud of our A+ rating. However, what exactly does an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau mean?

About the Better Business Bureau moving company ratings

The main purpose of the Better Business Bureau is to make consumers aware of unethical or dishonest companies and assist consumers with disputes against businesses. There are 17 factors that go into a company’s Better Business Bureau rating, but the bulk of the rating is based on complaints against the business filed with the Better Business Bureau and how the company responds to these complaints. Therefore, it is our experience that a Better Business Bureau rating is an indicator of a company’s honesty, ethics, and legitimacy.

We’ve all heard those horror stories of dishonest moving companies in the news. Often these stories include information about the company’s very low Better Business Bureau rating. For examplem, this Boston news story about a moving company holding families’ furniture hostage cites the company’s “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. I’m sure those families wished they had checked out their moving company on the BBB! It is an easy way to help gauge the honesty of the company you are about the hire.

About Better Business Bureau moving company reviews

To be completely honest, it is not difficult for a moving company to obtain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are many moving companies with an A+ rating that we would not consider anywhere near the caliber of Olympia Moving & Storage. The Better Business Bureau recently also began incorporating online reviews into business’s profiles. These reviews are actually separate from a company’s BBB rating, but are a great indicator of the quality of the company. Olympia currently has a 5 star review rating with the Better Business Bureau. We suggest looking at the customer reviews in conjunction with the BBB rating to help you choose your moving company.

What Better Business Bureau accreditation means to Olympia Moving & Storage

The Better Business Bureau recently interviewed Rachael Fischer, Marketing Manager of Olympia Moving & Storage, about why Better Business Bureau accreditation is important. You can watch a video of the interview below:

You can see Olympia Moving & Storage’s Better Business Bureau profiles here:
Boston BBB profile | Washington DC BBB profile

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If you’re ready to get an estimate from an A+ rated moving company, request a free moving estimate with Olympia Moving & Storage.

5 Tips for Appreciating Your Moving Crew

Olympia Moving CrewOur policy at Olympia Moving & Storage is to do everything in our power to make your move as smooth and easy as possible. Our crew will always work hard for you through rain, heat, and 4th floor walkups. However, we do sometimes have clients ask what they can do for our hard-working guys.

Our crews are there to do a job and never expect anything more, but if you want to go above and beyond, these are the five little things the crew say they appreciate the most on moving day:

1. Keep them hydrated.

Keeping cold water or Gatorade available is a lifesaver, especially on hot days.

2. Plan ahead.

You can cut down the crew’s heavy lifting if you know where the items will be placed in your new home. Label your boxes and make a floor plan for the furniture. Moving the sofa from room to room to decide where it looks best is tiring for the crew & adds time and money to your moving bill.

3. Provide lunch.

If the crew is with you for the entire day, it’s always a nice gesture to order pizza or sandwiches for their lunch break.

4. Tip for a job well done.

Though not necessary, if you feel your crew did a great job, a tip is always appreciated. Click here to learn what’s customary for tipping moving crews.

5. Pass on the praise.

When you move with Olympia, you’ll receive and e-mail survey asking for your feedback. Any specific comments about the crew get passed to their supervisors, so they can reward good work and improve training. You can also support your crew by posting on online review of their work on Google+ Local, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more. Click here to view all the links to our online review profiles.

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