8 ways to use empty cardboard boxes after your move (that kids will love!)

After you are moved into your new home and unpacked, you will to find yourself with an abundance of cardboard boxes! Before you break them down and leave them out for recycling, here are some fun ways to keep the kids happy when you continue to unpack (and a few for you too).

1. Mini house competition

Channel the inner creativity, set out two boxes with some materials such as markers, clip ons, and rubber bands – the most creative designer wins! For more decorating tips, check out our blog on building a box fort!

2. Design your own treasure chest

Decorate the outside and let the kids put their own personal treasures inside.

3. Halloween costumes

Everybody knows most creative wins the best costume competition. Robots and gumball machines, oh my!

4. Puppet Stage

Decorate boxes to use as a back drop, add a blanket or curtains, and put on a show!

5. Puzzle making

Paint a nice picture on the box then cut the pieces up for the kids to put together

6. Attic organizational system

Once everything is put away use the boxes, labeled, as an alternative storage system in the attic, basement, garage, or closets. If you start the organization right away it will avoid problems down the line when you can’t find the Christmas table cloth.

7. Homemade Stationary

Cut up cardboard boxes to make your own post cards. Use ink stamps to decorate and write a message. No envelope needed!

8. A Natural Embellishment

Dress up a cardboard box with a design of your choice, line it with a plastic bag, poke several draining holes, and you have a new home for a small plant!

Still have leftover boxes? Check out our blog on recycling or repurposing boxes.

Free Moving Coloring Page for Kids

Moving with kids is never an easy task. From breaking the news to settling into your new home, there are plenty of ups and downs – including a lot of idle time for your antsy little ones.

Looking for something quiet to keep your kids busy, and maybe even quiet, while you prepare for your move?

Olympia Moving & Storage has you covered with our free moving coloring page, designed to make moving with children a little easier for your family! This free coloring page is a great way to help small kids grasp the concept of moving and get excited for their new home.

Download our free moving coloring page for your kids

moving coloring page for kids

As always, Olympia Moving & Storage is here to help with all of your relocation needs.  For more tools for moving with kids, including book recommendations on the topic, check out our blog post on moving with kids.

Have other questions about moving or looking for moving tips? We’d be glad to help, just give us a call at 800.222.4744

Ready to start planning your move with kids? Click here to request a free moving estimate with Olympia Moving & Storage.

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Tips for Moving with Kids

Sometimes the hardest part of a move isn’t figuring out how you’re going to get your things from point A to point B, it’s breaking the news to the kids and helping them through the transition.  Whether you’re moving around the block or across the country, moving is one of the biggest events in a child’s life.  Below are a few tips to help your kids cope on moving day.

  • Stock up on some books that are specifically geared to explaining moving to kids.  For the little ones, we suggest The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day and Big Ernie’s New Home.  The Moving Book: A Kid’s Survival Guide is a great handbook with activities and tips for kids.  Moving can be even tougher on older kids, but reading some young adult books on the topic might help.  We recommend Lois Lowry’s Anastasia Again, or Judy Blue’s Starring Sally J. Feedman as Herself.
  • Have your kids participate in the packing process.  Have them pack a special box of toys they can’t live without for the car, especially considering it could be days before your things arrive at the new house.  Buy stickers for the kids to decorate the “their” boxes.  Not only is it fun, but it helps identify which boxes hold their belongings.
  • Put together some special activities to help kids understand the transition.  Help them write and decorate a card to leave for the new owners, welcoming them to your house.  When you get to your new neighborhood, bake some cookies to bring to your new neighbors to break the ice for introductions, and more importantly, to scope out potential playmates.  For more fun post-move activities, check our our blog on building a box fort.
  • There’s a lot going on on moving day.  Keeping the kids around on move day is potentially distracting for the movers and confusing for the kids.  It’s probably a good idea to drop the kids off with grandma or friends’ houses on move day, or hire a babysitter.
  • It might be corny, but it’s important to help kids feel like the family is going to face the changes together.  As important as it is to point out all the benefits of your new home, mentioning the things you’re going to miss about your old house helps kids know that it’s okay to have different feelings about the transition.  Be sure to take the time to plan some special family activities and outings after the move.