Moving Tip: Small Shipment Options

A small shipment is sometimes difficult for moving companies to accommodate. On a local move, most companies maintain a minimum number of hours, and on an interstate move, a minimum weight. As logic would suggest, this is simply because many of the underlying costs are fixed; whether you are transporting 300lbs or 1500lbs.

Small Shipment Options

So what are your options if you have only a small shipment?

a) Small Shipment Local Move: On a local move, identify a company (like Olympia Moving) that does not maintain a “minimum” number of hours.Olympia Moving Boston MA Movers Small Shipments
b) Small Shipment on Interstate Move: On an interstate move, generally speaking, the more flexibility that you have in terms of timing, the easier it is for a moving company to make adjustments. The justification is that, if you are able to provide a 2 week window for pickup and a 3 week window for delivery, it will be easier to consolidate your shipment with other comparable loads.
c) Small Shipment Rental Truck: Consider moving these items on your own with a rental truck. Although a big time commitment, this is sometimes the most economical approach.
d) Small Load Specialist: If your shipment is not time sensitive, consider working with a small load specialist. These are companies that have carved out a market niche working exclusively with small shipments. The basic business model is that they pickup your goods and store them until such time as they have enough volume to warrant sending a truck into your market. Provided that there are no firm delivery dates, this is a good option to explore.

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