The Olympia team works hard to provide a smooth relocation, but unfortunately loss or damage can be part of the nature of moving, or mistakes happen. When loss or damage occurs, Olympia works directly with you to come to a quick and fair resolution.

In the event of loss or damage during the course of your move with us, the claims process begins after payment for your move is received in full and the claims form is completed. Only one claims form can be submitted per move so we recommend inspecting and unpacking all items before beginning the claims process. Local & commercial claims must be filed within 30 days after delivery (90 days for local Texas & New Jersey clients), but the sooner you get the claims process in motion after your move, the better we will be able to quickly resolve the claim.

If you have any questions about the form or your claim, please feel free to contact us at 800.222.4744. After you submit the claims form, our team immediately gets to work gathering the information necessary to make a resolution decision. An Olympia representative will contact you to discuss the resolution. You will hear from Olympia within 5 business days regarding your claim and can expect resolution to complete within 30 days.

Thank you for your time and care filling out the form and supplying the information we need to address your claim.

Verified Statement of Claim for Lost or Damaged Goods

  • (6 digits - in the title of confirmation e-mails from Olympia)
  • You signed for your valuation decision on move day on the bill of lading. An example of the difference between the two valuation options are: if a 10 lb chair were to sustain damage during the relocation process, coverage would be applied as follows:
    • Option 1: Olympia would be obligated to repair, replace, or provide an appropriate cash settlement after application of the deductible.
    • Option 2: Olympia would be liable up to $6.00 (60 cents x 10lbs).
    *Note: option 2 is $1/lb. only in the state of New Jersey
    Click here for more information about valuation and liability coverage.

    Regardless of any previous written or oral communications, you must include on this form all articles that you claim are either lost or damaged as well as any documents that would support your claim in order to receive compensatory consideration. Do not destroy, repair or dispose of any claimed item until full settlement has been completed.

  • If you have additional photos to send, please email to [email protected] with your move number and name in the subject line.

  • Drop files here or
  • The undersigned does hereby swear or affirm that all entries made in this Statement of Claim and contained in the attached supporting documentation are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and constitute my complete and entire claim growing out of or in any way connected with the transportation or storage of my possessions. The undersigned does further swear or affirm that there have been no material facts relative to this claim that have either been withheld or misrepresented. The undersigned does hereby agree that if it is determined by Olympia Moving and Storage, that any of the above information or supporting documentation is false, or that material facts have been withheld, then this shall justify the denial of my claim by Olympia Moving and Storage.
  • In making this claim, you must be prepared to justify the value you have placed on the lost or damaged articles. Remit any documents which would be required in support of your claim. This form must be signed by the claimant who is the owner of all items claimed to be lost or damaged.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.