Root Cause
Root Cause is sharing their excitement about their new space on their Facebook

Root Cause is a non-profit research and consulting firm that works to advance solutions to today’s toughest social issues. They also recently selected Olympia Moving & Storage to relocate their corporate offices from Cambridge to Boston.

Olympia did double duty for this job. Root Cause decided to purchase new furniture from local furniture vendor National Premier Partners, who in turn hired Olympia to deliver and install the new workstations, seating, and conference furniture.

Olympia used our own in-house installation team to set up the new work spaces from National Premier Partners.

Upon successful completion of the move, Root Cause realized there was a substantial amount of old furniture and items that no longer had value. Olympia was hired again, this time to provide Disposal Services using our partnerships with local recycling centers.

Root Cause is now comfortably in their new space, enjoying their new furniture, and Olympia Moving & Storage was happy we could help on many levels! Says Tania Green, Root Cause’s Marketing and Communications Manager, “The Olympia team far exceeded our expectations; their thorough communication, flexibility, and friendly movers make the experience hassle-free. We were able to focus on the excitement of moving to a new space rather than the stress of getting there.”

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