As an essential service provider, Olympia remains open to assist companies & individuals in this challenging environment.

Protecting our clients, crews, and communities is a shared responsibility. We appreciate the opportunity and responsibility to work with our clients and partners during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are working with us in any capacity, please take a few moments to review our current COVID-19 response policy, and the requirements for both our team members and clients on job sites and our facilities. We all must work together to keep everyone safe.

We are following CDC and DOH guidelines. Although many states are re-opening, Olympia Moving & Storage continues to take the following precautions in all locations out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our employees, clients, and partners:

• All operations personnel are receiving regular training on Coronavirus-prevention protocols. The entire company is being updated as CDC and DOH guidelines evolve, and are sent a weekly digest of updates and procedures. Signage outlining these protective measures has been posted throughout our facilities.
• All employees, all vendors, contractors, sub-contractors and their employees are required to complete a self-assessment form prior to entering Olympia facilities or work sites. The self-assessment is based on CDC and state recommendations and includes a list of questions regarding commonly associated COVID-19 symptoms. Upon arrival at Olympia facilities, managers also perform a thermal temperature check. Any person who does not pass the self-assessment or thermal temperature check is reported to the managers, and not allowed on Olympia facilities or job sites.
• Employees are required to use masks and gloves while they are in the home, workspace, or interacting with clients in all four of Olympia’s local markets. All team members are asked to wash hands with soap multiple times a day.
• Our interstate van line partners, The Wheaton Group, also require the use of face masks by drivers entering a customer’s residence while providing service on the behalf of the van line.
• We have asked all staff to refrain from shaking hands and to maintain social distancing (6+ ft.) with clients and each other as much as feasible.
• We are continuing to require all non-operational staff to work remotely indefinitely. Olympia limits and rotates the number of operational employees inside our facilities. No-one except Olympia employees are allowed inside our offices or warehouses. Drivers, partners, and clients must perform pick-ups, deliveries, and storage accesses outside our facilities.
• Sanitation products; including latex gloves, soap, sanitizer, masks and disinfectant have been distributed at our facilities. Operations managers are meeting regularly to review and update the PPE stock, and we are doing everything we can to source supplies and resources.
• We have increased the contractor cleaning frequency at each location to sanitize work spaces and equipment. This includes daily cleaning of truck interiors. We are wiping down door handles, common areas restrooms and other frequently used areas regularly throughout the day.
• All employees are required to stay home if they are, in any way, feeling unwell. Any employee that exhibits signs of illness is immediately sent home and cannot return to work until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met, in consultation with healthcare providers and state and local healthcare departments. Any employee with a sick household member is required to notify their manager immediately.
• In lieu of in-home pre-move surveys, we are conducting surveys via online video survey tools and video chat. If an on-site survey is necessary, the Olympia employees follow the same safety protocols as above.

Our clients have a shared responsibility in protecting health and well-being of our moving professionals, their families, and our future clients. Please do your part by:

• Rescheduling services if any member of the household/organization has tested positive for COVID-19, is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or has been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
• Limiting the number of household members on site. Only 1 on-site contact should meet with the crew. After the initial walkthrough, the on-site contact should sequester themselves in one area of the home, an outdoor space, or off the premises. While we request that you do not remain in same room as the crew after the walkthrough, please ensure you are available nearby to answer questions that may come up throughout the service.
• Wearing a mask while interacting or in proximity with our crews. Please also wash your hands throughout the day and wear gloves if available.
• Use a stylus to complete paperwork on mobile devices. You may choose to use your own mobile device to access and complete payment.
• Refraining from shaking hands with the crew and maintaining appropriate social distance from crew members (6 ft.).
• Making soap available to the crew in bathrooms and, as available, hand sanitizers.
• Sanitizing door knobs and surfaces prior to the crew’s arrival and after their departure.

Although various states have begun re-opening stages, Olympia continues to adhere to the above preventative policies. Olympia maintains the same precautions across the entire company, and is in compliance or more cautious than all our locations’ local regulations and guidelines. Our priority is to protect the well-being of our team and the communities that we serve. Like all Americans, we are carefully monitoring this dynamic situation. Additional precautions may be taken as necessitated, and we will continue to revise our policies as required.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 800-222-4744 or [email protected]

These polices were last updated: November 5, 2020