Probably the most important facet of moving a piano is communication.  The type of piano and the access at both the origin and destination locations will determine the equipment and staffing required to transport the piano safely.  Critical information that needs to be communicated to Olympia Moving includes:

Wheaton Moving Truck

1)     What type of piano are you moving (upright, spinet, baby grand, concert grand)?

2)     What is the access like at your origin residence (stairs, elevator)?

3)     What is the access like at your destination residence (stairs, elevator)?

4)     How the piano was moved in originally; i.e. was a crane required?

The bottom line is that when moving a piano, you want to avoid the potential for any “surprises.”

It would help if you also considered whether you want to take out any additional liability coverage for your move.  There are two options that Olympia makes available to our clientele.  The first option is at no additional charge and comprises the legally mandated 60 cents per pound article.  The second option is called or “Replacement Value Coverage” and allows you to increase the level of coverage for your relocation.  A detailed explanation of these options is available to you here.

Along with our partner, Wheaton World Wide, Olympia has been named as the official mover for Steinway and Sons.  Our movers receive specialized training in transporting pianos of all sizes and are supplied with the newest and latest equipment.

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