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8 Essential Tips on Planning Your Next Move

Planning your relocation involves far more than simply contacting a moving company.  The following represents a partial list of suggestions for how you can help to organize your move and, at the same time, take some of the stress out of the process.

1)     Start by setting aside a moving folder, containing notes and reminders for your upcoming move.

Moving Calendar

Moving Calendar’s Are Essential

2)     Keep a running list of the people and companies that need to be notified of your change of address.

3)     Take an inventory of items you intend to relocate and those you intend to purge before the move.  Make arrangements to sell or dispose of unwanted household goods.

4)     Obtain packing materials for your upcoming move.

5)     Begin packing non-essential items such as books and clothes (remember, packing always takes longer than you anticipate).

6)     If appropriate, arrange for child care on moving day.

7)     Set aside an area to keep all items that you do not want to be moved; such as important documents, passports, jewelry etc.

8)     If you do not think you will be able to complete all of the packing, contact your movers as soon as possible to ask for packing assistance.  The better prepared you are on the day of your move, the less time it will take.

Check out our moving tips section for more helpful planning hints for your next move. Contact Olympia Moving or call to get a moving estimate.

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