4 Moving Mistakes to Avoid During National Moving Month

National Moving MonthHappy National Moving Month from Olympia Moving & Storage! May kicks off the busiest moving season. Relocating can be tricky enough, but moving during the most popular season can add some complications.

Moving isn’t something most of our clients do very often, so it’s understandable why families sometimes make mistakes that can add stress to the relocation.

Here are the four most common moving mistakes we see, and how you can avoid them:

1. Scheduling moving dates too late.

Risk: The most popular summer moving dates can fill up a month or more in advance! If you procrastinate to call movers, you could lose your preferred date. That could complicate your closing or other relocation plans.
Olympia increases capacity every summer to accommodate as many of our clients as possible, but we encourage clients to contact us 4 weeks prior to move day to ensure availability. Check out our moving planning calendars to stay on track!

2. Hiring a “rogue” mover.

Risk: An unlicensed, uninsured company may have a lower price, but may result in a costly moving horror story. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard about movers sending untrained crews, hiking prices prior to delivery without reason or holding shipments hostage. This is all easily avoided by just checking for a few warning signs.
Olympia is a licensed, insured, full-service mover, a member of the American Moving & Storage Association, and was Wheaton World Wide’s 2013 Mover of the Year among other awards and recognitions.

3. Packing procrastination.

Risk: If you’re packing yourself, not finishing packing by move day leads to disorganization and stress. If a crew arrives a home expecting everything to be packed, they may not have enough extra supplies to finish the job for you. Worse, now that the crew has to finish your packing it could lead to your move going over estimate, as the estimator based his quote on a fully packed home.
Olympia checks in on clients’ packing progress the week prior to the move. We also provide full or partial packing services customized to our clients’ needs and budget. Use our free printable moving box labels to keep organized.

4. Not communicating with your moving company.

Risk: Planning a successful move takes time! Not filling in your mover on details or changes to your move (such as changes to your inventory, access to your home, or the addition of extra stops) results in an unprepared crew.
Olympia assigns each client a dedicated move coordinator. The coordinator stays in constant communication to ensure that both Olympia and our clients are fully prepared for move day.

Now that you know which mistakes to avoid, let Olympia deliver a smooth move for you! Request a free moving estimate, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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May is National Moving Month!

Olympia Moving CrewHappy National Moving Month from Olympia Moving & Storage!

May kicks off the summer moving season.  Due to school vacation and good weather, the majority of moves take place from May through September.

Movers have a lot to celebrate this May.  Over 36 million Americans relocated in 2012, and the 2013 moving season is expected to be even busier.  Thanks to organizations like the American Moving & Storage Association, the industry has made great progress protecting consumers by weeding out “rogue” movers and helping relocating Americans find not just reputable companies, but companies that will deliver a great experience.  Many movers are also planning for the future.  By integrating mobile phones, tablets, and web resources into the relocation process, moving companies are making your move more efficient and a better customer experience.

Here at the Olympia offices it’s no question that moving season has arrived!  The phones are ringing off the hook and the schedule is quickly booking up.

Every summer our staff works long hours to accommodate as many Olympia customers as possible.  As we transition into the moving season, we always like to remind our customers of a few key steps they can take to ensure their move is executed as planned:

1. Plan Early

Contact Olympia early in the process to ensure availability.  Each company only has so many trucks and crew members available, so the most coveted moving dates can fill up as far as a month in advance!  If you’re moving at the beginning or end of the month, pay special attention to this tip, as those dates are the first to reach capacity.

2.  Protect Your Move

While there are several excellent moving companies in Greater Boston & Washington DC areas, there are also a host of bad movers. Your clients should understand that when it comes to moving, price and value are not synonymous.  Make sure the moving company you select is registered, licensed, and insured on protectyourmove.gov.  You can also check that the moving company is reputable by checking out their BBB.org profile.

3.  Use Resources

To mitigate stress, utilize Olympia’s extensive moving resource center to guide you through every step of the relocation process.  You can find dozens of articles and videos on every moving-related topic, including moving tips, packing tips, choosing a mover, and protecting your move.

4.  Communicate

Effective communication, planning, and preparation are essential to a successful move.  Keep in touch with your move coordinator as you have questions and changes for your move.  It’s important to give as much notice as possible for changes in the move plan, such as shifting dates, adding extra stops, large changes in the size of your shipment, and requesting packing help.